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EHS Assessments

Is your facility designed and structured to meet applicable regulations?   Have you ever completed a facility Health assessment for your Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) systems?   If not, your company may be taking on greater risk than it can afford.

Many companies have never completed a self-assessment or had an external assessment of their HSE systems.  This exercise allows you to get an overall picture of the EHS compliance of your facility.

An EHS assessment is a series of questions to determine whetherassessment_clipart the facility is in compliance (Yes), not in compliance (No), or not covered by the requirement (NA).  As you go through each question, you evaluate documents, practices or operations.  Just because an answer to a question is ‘No’ does not necessarily mean that the facility is not in compliance, but is an indicator of a potential non-compliance. Continue reading EHS Assessments

Does your Facility Generate Hazardous Waste?

The management and generation of subject waste in Ontario are governed by Regulation 347 “General Waste Management” under the Environmental Protection Act.  This newsletter is directed towards subject waste that is generated. Haulage, treatment and disposal have additional regulations not covered in this paper.

Regulation 347 defines the requirements for handling, storing, managing and disposing of subject waste in Ontario. It also includes a generator registration and manifest system to track these wastes from the point of generation (cradle) to their final disposal (grave). The regulation sets out responsibilities for generators, carriers, and receivers of subject waste.

What is Subject Waste?

The term Subject waste is used to identify the types of wastes that must be registered with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. They include liquid industrial waste (LIW) & Hazardous waste. Continue reading Does your Facility Generate Hazardous Waste?

WHMIS 2015. Is your company ready?

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, or WHMIS, has undergone big changes since it was first introduced. In 2015, it was aligned with the Global Harmonized System (GHS) in an effort to reduce the burden and cost to producers and suppliers who export chemicals across the world. The original WHMIS program is now referred to as WHMIS 1988 and the new program is called WHMIS 2015.

Health Canada set out a 3-year implementation schedule for Canadian suppliers and employers in Canada. However, it is likely that workplace responsibilities for training and SDSs availability will have to be implemented ahead of the final transition date if hazardous product SDSs or labels are provided early in the transition periods.

Want to find out how this impacts your Business.  Read the full report from Prevention and Regulatory Solutions Ltd.  Continue Reading—>


WHMIS 2015 – What you need to know.

WHMIS 2015 – Based On The Globally Harmonized System.

Health Canada WHMIS 2015

In February 2015, Health Canada released the new Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHIMIS) 2015 standard based on the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

All workers who work with a hazardous product, or who may be exposed to a hazardous product as part of their work activities must learn about the hazard information for those products.

All Canadian jurisdictions currently require that employers develop, implement, and maintain a worker WHMIS education and training program. This education and training is required for hazardous products workers work with, or for products that workers may be exposed to at work. These requirements do not change with WHMIS 2015.

To ensure worker protection, employers must educate and train workers about WHMIS 2015 as new labels and SDSs appear in their workplaces. During the transition period, employers may continue to have WHMIS 1988 labels and MSDSs in the workplace – if so, they must also continue to educate workers about WHMIS 1988.

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