EHS Assessments

Is your facility designed and structured to meet applicable regulations?   Have you ever completed a facility Health assessment for your Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) systems?   If not, your company may be taking on greater risk than it can afford.

Many companies have never completed a self-assessment or had an external assessment of their HSE systems.  This exercise allows you to get an overall picture of the EHS compliance of your facility.

An EHS assessment is a series of questions to determine whetherassessment_clipart the facility is in compliance (Yes), not in compliance (No), or not covered by the requirement (NA).  As you go through each question, you evaluate documents, practices or operations.  Just because an answer to a question is ‘No’ does not necessarily mean that the facility is not in compliance, but is an indicator of a potential non-compliance.

To determine compliance you will need to consult the regulations to establish whether exemptions may apply or if your assessment is correct.   If you feel you might be out of compliance then add comments to specify the reasons you assessed the facility as such (i.e. document what you have seen, where and why you think your facility is not in line with regulations).  You can then make recommendations to management or ownership on how to address a finding or to identify good practice or suggestions for improvement.

Why should you complete an EHS assessment?

  • Protect the health and safety of your workers
  • Decrease the risk of environmental damage.
  • Protect your Business investment.
  • Possibly lower operating costs & reduce WSIB premiums.
  • Improve onsite productivity and employee morale.
  • verification of conformance with corporate policies and programs, or other recognized standards.
  • Verification of specific ECA conditions and requirements.
  • Reduce the risk of receiving regulatory fines, government orders, or charges.

If you are not sure how to conduct an assessment there are many professional firms that offer assessments of your EHS systems.  It might be especially helpful to arrange for such a firm to do an initial assessment.  They have the knowledge and skill to pick up on items you may miss or be unaware of.  Once this is done, you may choose to tackle future assessments yourself using one of the online self-assessment tools that are available.

No matter which method you choose to implement, we recommend that you do an assessment every 3 to 5 years.

Compliance is by Choice and not by Chance.

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