We cannot eliminate losses, but with practical
risk assessment and loss control techniques we
can anticipate, prepare, and develop
contingencies to minimize their effects on

Follow the block diagrams across to see the
potential effects of various types of losses.  

Click on the losses to see prevention
strategies that clients use to minimize
the negative effects
MOL exposure
WSIB premiums, high
priority engineering
mods, low morale,
employee turnover
Cost for accident
invest, equipment
mods, retraining,
WSIB admin,
MOL charges & fines
equipment, facility &
inventory, time/cost
for reporting
Lost production
inventory & customer
Cleanup costs
MOE penalties MOE
legal fees
Increased cost
of goods & lost
customer orders
for investigation,
MOL mediation, Lost
time/cost  for
investigation, MOL
mediation, production
Lost production, low
morale, employee
Immediate Costs
Secondary Costs
What is the Cost of your Business Losses?
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